Titan One Review: Ultimate Input Control for Console or PC Gaming

Titan One review: Device that gives keyboard & mouse support for consoles

The Titan One makes it possible to use a keyboard and mouse on your video games consoles. That’s the devices main draw, but it has many more capabilities that allow ultimate control over your games control input. It supports rapid fire mode on many types of games controller, mods without actually having to perform a physical mod on your console or controller, crossover controller support that allows practically any controller to be used on most consoles or PC and Gtuner allows the use of scripts and plugins that can add further functionality for specific games; this includes recoil reduction, macros, button remapping and more. This review will tell you everything you need to know about the Titan One.


The Titan One is compatible with the majority of modern generation gaming machines.

Display on the front of the Titan One

Supported devices include:

  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 3
  • Xbox 360
  • Personal Computer

Support controllers include:

  • DualShock 4
  • Xbox One Controller
  • DualShock 3
  • Xbox 360 Controller
  • Wii Controller
  • Wii U Gamepad

The Titan One also makes it possible to mod your controller without having to actually open it up and physically change anything inside. Full mods without voiding your warranty. The device supports rapid fire and Gtuner which can be used to create scripts which make it easier for you to pull off tough moves or string together challenging combos.

Capabilities of the Titan One include:

  • Support for all major games consoles, including the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
  • Easy Installation
  • Make any controller rapid fire without soldering
  • Lots of free game specific profile packs for download with more added for new releases
  • Supports Keyboard and Mouse
  • Crossover controller function allows you to use the gamepad you prefer on any console
  • Support for Gtuner – create your own gaming mods and scripts or download user created versions
  • Undetectable

How to Install

Installing the Titan One is fairly easy. There is no need to open your console or controller and there’s no need to do any soldering. The device is simply plugged into your consoles USB port. Other controllers can be connected to the Titan One either using a wired connection or in the case of the PS4, a bluetooth receiver for wireless. The included software can be used to further customize your control options and sensitivity settings.

If you want to use a keyboard and mouse to control a game on console, then you will need a PC connected to the port on the side of the Titan One. The PC also needs to have MaxAim software downloaded and installed. Having a notebook computer will make this step a lot easier, otherwise your console will need to be within cord distance of a desktop PC.

Different controllers and input devices can be binded to the MaxAim software which can then be mapped to perform different button presses (or sequences of button presses) on your console. For this to work you will also need to have a controller connected to the front port of the Titan One.

How to Use

A bluetooth dongle or wired controller can be connected to use the crossover controller feature immediately. Once the Titan One is connected to your computer and the MaxAim program is installed it’s ready to be used for more advanced setups, such as keyboard and mouse with full button remapping.

There are many game packs for different games which can be downloaded. These include Gran Turismo 5 ModPack, Battlefield 4 Modpack and Tiger Woods PGA Tour Mod Pack. These packs will give you the edge over the competition.

Crossover Controller Function

The crossover function makes it possible to play certain consoles with another consoles controller. This means that you can always use your preferred and most comfortable controller even when playing on a different console. As you don’t have to modify the console in any way, it can still be used on the original console and won’t void the warranty.

Button mapping makes it easy to change what buttons do what. This allows you to create a very easy to use, personalized layout which makes pressing the buttons needed for certain games easier in a given situation.

Keep in mind the PS4 constantly sends a signal to the DualShock 4 for authentication, so your controller will always need to be connected to the Titan One. You can still use your PC as a go between to get keyboard and mouse functionality on the PS4 using the MaxAim software. Unfortunately this means the controller crossover feature is not fully supported for the PS4 at this time as it requires use of the MaxAim plugin and a PC connected to the PCPROG port to function. With all other supported consoles it’s simply plug and play.

Using a Keyboard and Mouse

The Titan One makes it simple to connect virtually any gaming keyboard and mouse to a modern console. The buttons can be remapped to create a very efficient layout. This is perhaps the best and most useful feature of the Titan One.

The device uses the MAXaim plugin to control the console using a keyboard and mouse. This is installed to a computer and any keyboard, mouse, gaming controller or input device you have on your PC can then be mapped to the console. When playing with a keyboard and mouse you will need to connect the program port on the side of the Titan One (labelled PCPROG) to your computers USB port. The MaxAim plugin must be installed on your computer and set up correctly before you begin. Then it’s a matter of mapping using the MaxAim software and verifying it all works.

Playing with a keyboard and mouse can give you a huge advantage in first and third person shooters, so it’s worth spending the extra time to learn the software, tweak settings and get the system dialed in to your liking.


With most modded controllers it’s possible to be detected using a mods or rapider fire online; then you could find yourself banned. That’s no fun. This can be an annoying and frustrating nuisance with most modded controllers. However, the manufacturers of Titan One have said that their device cannot be detected online and that it’s completely invisible.

Doesn’t Void Controller or Console Warranty

Side view showing the PCPROG port used to program the Titan One via PC.Normally enabling features available with the Titan One would require opening up your console or its controllers. This would mean that you would void the warranty on anything you open and modify by hand. Installing mod chips and soldering them in place is also very risky, time consuming and difficult for the average person. Using Titan One you don’t have to worry about invalidating your warranty, complicated installation processes or breaking your console altogether.

It’s safe and worry free. All of the hard work is done by the Titan One. Should you ever encounter hardware problems with your console, simply disconnect the Titan One and send your console in for repair under warranty. They will never be aware that you were using such a mod.

My Verdict On the Titan One

The Titan One is a must have accessory for any hardcore gamer. The ability to easily remap buttons, install mods and use various controllers on different consoles will be very popular with many types of gamers. The jewel in the crown of the Titan One is the ability to use a keyboard and mouse with PC like precision on consoles. Gamers will be able to use this to their advantage to get a leg up on the competition. Not only does the Titan One perform flawlessly, it’s also very affordable (around $60-$70) compared to other similar devices, most of which cost well over $100. Highly recommended for gamers that need more input options, mods and customizations that standard controllers can’t provide.

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Stock photos courtesy of ConsoleTuner.

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